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From The Salon to Behind The Scenes

Let’s Transition!

From the Salon to Behind the Scenes

Have you always had an interest in working on film and television production sets?

Are you interested learning how to transition your professional beauty career from the salon to behind the scenes?

Are you a hairstylist, barber, or makeup artist who is curious about what it takes to work with celebrities?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then A Guide to Help You Through Your Transition From the Salon to Behind the Scenes is the perfect book to help you get started on your journey!

A Guide to Help You Through Your Transition

FTS to BTS.jpg
A Guide to Help You Through Your Transition From the Salon to Behind the Scenes

In this guide you will learn:

  • Tips on how to successfully transition from the salon to behind the scenes;

  • Why networking is key to your transition;

  • Set Etiquette vs. Salon Etiquette;

  • What goes in your kit;

  • Key words and terminology;

  • Personal Stories;

  • Testimonials;


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What is From the Salon to Behind the Scenes?

Created by Hairstylist and Beauty Influencer Demi Dixon, for those who aspire to take their beauty profession beyond the salon chair. If your interests are to be an educator, Platform artist, freelance artist, and ultimately even an artist for Film and Television, this program is aimed for you.


 Our mission for From the Salon to Behind the Scene is to aid in providing information to help equip Beauty Professionals who are inspired to transition their careers Beyond the Salon chair through education.

Who is Demi?


Founder and Creator Demi Dixon, is a 20 year veteran hairstylist and beauty Influencer. While working in the salon, she worked as an educator for Affirm Relaxer System, as well as Platform artist for various beauty brands. She is now a full time hairstylist for the film, television and entertainment Industry. She has worked on major films such as Black Panther, Nice Guys, Mothers Day, Sleepless, and many television shows! She is inspired to help others achieve their career goals through education, and eager to share her ups and downs of making her own transition to others who desire to be better prepared for a successful career Behind the Scene!

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